Fun Facts: Contact Lenses That Record & Play Video

1) Did you know in April 2029, an asteroid more than 1,000 feet wide is on course to pass by the Earth getting even closer than the moon?

It's projected to fly by on Friday the 13th as well. It’s a little creepy, but this asteroid currently won't hit the Earth, even though it will be close. NASA says it'll easily be observed by the naked eye. It's flying by 30,000 feet above us.

This is big. No one in recorded history has ever seen an asteroid in space as bright as this will be. This sounds oddly familiar as well:





Speaking of space…


2) Did you know in human history, only 536 people have been to space?

Of that, 12 people have walked on the Moon.

Space travelers have spent over 29,000 days in space including over 100 days of spacewalks.

The earth's population is 7.6 billion. Shoutout to our famous Canadian astronaut, Col. Chris Hadfield


3) Did you know the first Nike running shoe was made out of a waffle iron?

The Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman was having breakfast with his wife in ‘71 when he realized that the grooves in the waffle iron would be a sweet mold for a running shoe.

He wanted shoes lighter and faster so he took a couple pieces of jewelry and things he thought would indent or make a pattern in the soles and he poured urethane into the waffle iron.

The rubber mold inspired Nike's first shoe, called the Waffle Trainer, which debuted in 1974.

I could write about this all day. Check out more here


4) Did you know that Sony has patented contact lenses that will record and play video?

How futuristic and Black Mirror-like is this?

There is even a generator that powers the contact lenses by using the movements of your eye. You'll be able to control this by simply blinking.

...and I can see it now, advertising with contact lenses! Ahhhh commercials would start playing for you right before your eyes.



5) Did you know that blood donors in Sweden receive a thank you text when their blood is used?

I thought this was super cool and how futuristic is that?! You get a text with something along the lines of:


Cell phone texts


That would be cool! They started this because their donation numbers are going down.

And blood is always frequently needed everywhere. They say for Nova Scotia, donors should try to donate every 56 days for males, and every 84 days for females. Find out how to give blood at


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