Fun Facts: Could Their Be Cell Service on the Moon?

1) Did you know in parts of the United Kingdom, they are using walls that they call incident screens to block the view of traffic accidents on the highway?

It's simply to block people from rubbernecking and going slower. This could be very useful. How many times has rubbernecking caused accidents? You could rear end someone just by watching the scene of an accident.


2) Did you know that the MOON will have cell service as early as next year?

Nokia have partnered with scientists to bring a 4G network and live video streaming to the moon in 2019. Just in case you visit the moon in the next year and want to watch some YouTube clips or something like that. No seriously though, it's just going to make it much easier for companies that are allowed to send a camera of some sort to the moon, to get free live streaming with it.

Either way, it's still somewhat useless because they say about more than four billion people don’t have access to the internet on Earth, STILL. That's more than half of the earth's population.

How are we gonna get cell service on the moon before our cell phones can even take decent pics of it?!






Try it if you DARE


4) Did you know in Oklahoma, there’s a ghost town so polluted from lead mining that leftover minerals have caused the rivers to turn red?

It flows like blood. Vampires love the look of this place. Mining stopped in 1967. The contaminated water from some fourteen thousand abandoned mine shafts had some people who went swimming in the water filled with arsenic thinking they were just getting a sunburn but in reality, they were being covered in chemical burns. Whoa!! Scary!


Red Water Meme