Fun Facts: How to Eat Less at a Restaurant

1) Did you know using a smaller fork psychologically makes you tend to eat less?

A study found that when customers at a restaurant were given smaller forks to eat their meals they ended up eating less compared to those with large fork on average.

The smaller forkfuls of food led the customers to feel like they are not making much of a dent in their food and since you're also eating a little more slowly, you'll satisfy your hunger.

It's almost an optical illusion, you'll feel like you're eating more.

Little lifestyle hack right there.



If you think you’re too unlucky for the lottery, why don’t you try to fix it?

2) Did you know a woman in the states has won the Lottery four times since 1993?

It was later found out that she has a PhD of Statistics from Stanford University and she had figured out a number generator for the distribution of winning tickets.

She won a total of $17million dollars US and has since moved to Las Vegas.

Where else would you need to go? She's probably there winning some money!



3) Did you know in Russia there are more than 20,000 abandoned villages in Russia?

They call them “Ghost villages.” They are literally towns frozen in time. Houses, hospitals, and government buildings are intact but abandoned.

Some of them have been abandoned since World War 2.

But then again how creepy would this be? You can go to any of these ghost villages and sometimes, just sometimes, there will be one random person living there. Some people live in these villages like hermits.

There are 36,000 villages that have 10 residents or less. Let's film a zombie movie!



Self-driving cars are becoming more popular.

4) Did you know if a self-driving car gets in an accident that is clearly the car's fault, the owner doesn't pay damages-the manufacturers do?

We've talked about this a little on the morning show before. Apparently insurance rates will be cheaper as well because of this. It's on the manufacturer, it's not on you.

In China they’re testing self-driving buses, but because of potential snowy conditions, they're testing a public bus to only drive at 5 km/h and the engineers keep a close watch at every turn.

There's still a way's to go, but some experts are guessing that by the year 2035, self-driving cars will be purchased regularly.



5) Did you know Archaeologists discovered an ancient ‘meme’ in Turkey?

In 2012, during an excavation, this meme was discovered and it has been revealed.

It's a 2000-year-old mosaic, which features a chill skeleton, reclining with some bread and wine next to an inscription. That's what makes it a meme, it says, “Be cheerful, live your life.”

Memes didn't start with the internet hahahaha



Did you know that, believe it or not, trees can talk to each other?

An ecologist from BC says a forest is much more than what you see.

After over 30 years of research in our Canadian forests she says that trees talk to each other often and over long distances.

Trees can share information in the air and underground. They communicate their needs and send each other nutrients from fungi buried in soil. I've spoken a bit about that before, but this ecologist is the first one to notice that most trees work together... except cedar trees, they’re antisocial apparently.

Friggin' cedars. Look at them:


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