Fun Facts: NASA Found An Exoplanet Like Earth

Fun facts… So this first one is super random. Like all of them.


1) Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? Doesn't that sound kind of… gross? It's one of the ways butterflies use to tell which planets they can use to lay their eggs. It’s a taste sensor on their feet and by sitting on leaves, they can taste them to see if their caterpillars can eat it. (Their larva turn into caterpillars).

Also, most adult butterflies can't bite.


2) Did you know NASA has found an exoplanet that is possible to sustain human life?

Well, kind of. This is the tricky part. first, it's somewhat far away. To the human eye, it looks kind of like an earth, blue and everything.

The hardest part? Its winds blow 2 km per second, at seven times the speed of sound. So if we did make it there, we wouldn't be able to stay on the ground, we'd be spiraling around the planet.

AND to top it off, according to NASA this planet rains GLASS—sideways—with that wind.  This is what I expect it to look like in this terrible Photoshop scenario…

Glass in the sky

(Although there would be no trees or cars still parked on the ground.)


Have you heard of the Flogsta scream?

3) Did you know in Sweden some students at 10:00 at night, EVERY night, will let out a big scream???

The Flogsta Scream is when students at some universities stop what they're doing at 10 and collectively scream from their windows to help blow off steam and ease the stress of college life. They say it works! The neighbours don’t.


4) Did you know here in Canada it's illegal to pretend to practice witchcraft?

Technically it's legal to practice witchcraft if you're not pretending.

Either way, this is basically a law for scam artists though. Like someone claiming to be a psychic that's not really legit. Like, this law was used for a psychic who asked for money to remove a curse from his victims. That kind of thing.

Practicing witchcraft?


Does it make this picture illegal? It’s just Photoshop… It’s fake. Is that against the law?


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