Fun Facts: The Odd Thing Astronauts in Japan Have to Do

Have you ever wondered why bananas are curved?

Me neither, but 1) Did you know instead of continuing to grow towards the ground like most things that grow on trees, they start to turn towards the SUN?

It's literally the sun that does this. The fruit grows against gravity, giving the banana its familiar curved shape from the sun with what is called "negative geotropism."

It wasn't necessary to use that term but I thought it sounded smart. Here’s a small genetically modified banana in all its glory:



2) Did you know to become an astronaut in Japan you are tested on your ability to fold one thousand paper cranes? Yep, origami. These cranes are then analyzed by a team of psychologists to see how the person deals with boring, repetitive tasks and time constraints.

The psychologists check whether the folds get less precise at the end of the task, and see how they compare with the first ones.

This is a big first step to becoming an astronaut in Japan. I attempted this! Here’s my first one:


Origami Paper Crane

Yep, that’s a crane. Not a plane.


I'll start this fun fact by writing that the sun has 5 billion years' worth of fuel left.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if our sun disappeared?

3) Did you know if the sun disappeared, we would immediately start flying through space?

The sun is the only star in our solar system and we entirely revolve around it, so it would be bad. If the sun disappeared, we wouldn't know for 8 and a half minutes because of how long it takes for its light to get to Earth.

The moon would go dark, stars would still be visible of course, our electricity would still work, obviously, but most plants would be dead within days.

Within the year temperatures would drop to -100 degrees Celsius and it would just get COLDER... And eventually just freeze. We would be a gigantic ice ball.

Here’s a shot of the sun in Halifax today:

Cloudy sky


Grandmother's cook the best meals, don't they?

4) Did you know, there's a restaurant in New York that doesn't employ professional chefs, they employ grandmothers?

Every day a different grandmother from around the world designs the menu AND may possibly be the one coming in to cook it.

The owner of the restaurant said it's so popular now that they regularly get phone calls from people in Australia, England or Italy to book it and be the chef in advance.

The grandma will fly in and the owner goes over a concept for the entire menu with her and they decide on someone to cook it. Most likely it's the grandmother that will cook it.

Here’s my late grandmother. She was an amazing cook!!!

My grandmother

Love you Gee