Halifax Businesses are Donating Profits In Support of the Barho Family.

Kat's Blog-Barho Family

Yesterday, Halifax woke up to the tragic news of a house fire in Spryfield that took the life of 7 children. Those 7 souls were the soul of The Barho family who had come to Nova Scotia in 2017 as sponsored refugees.  Ebraheim Barho, remains in critical condition in hospital and Halifax businesses are coming together to support the Barho family by donating proceeds from their sales. Here’s is who is getting involved


Two If By Sea- Saturday, February 23rd 


Vandal Doughnuts- Thursday, February 21st


Gahan House Halifax- Tonight -Sunday, February 24th 


Grounded Halifax- Now- Sunday, February 24th 


Freak Lunchbox- Thursday, February 21st 


There is also a GoFundMe Page where you can donate HERE



There will also be a "community gathering" at 7 p.m. at Grand Parade in Halifax. A book of condolence will also be available.