How Do You Avoid the Soother Game?

If you have kids, have you ever played the Soother game?

Your baby or in my case, babies, are sleeping in the middle of the night and wake up restless…. You put a Soothie in their mouth. (Or a Pacifier or whatever you like to call it. There are a LOT of names.)

Then, 2 minutes later, they spit the Sucker out, but they want it back!! So you naturally wake up again and put the Dummy back in.

Babies with soothers

Our babies are generally great, but who knows… They could spit these out at any moment.

We’ve heard that the best thing to do: Place the babies in their own room and don’t have them sleep in your room anymore.

That sounds sad.

Some parents don’t use Pooties. They don’t agree with them. One of the best things that you could try, is avoiding using a Binkie while the baby isn’t old enough to put it back in themselves. We did not do this…

Babies and Soothies

Kids get used to things. We’re all creatures of habit. If they are used to sucking on their Sookers in the middle of the night, they may wake up every night expecting their Wubby.

So what do you do if they keep waking up for Soothers?