How-To Have The BEST Bachelor Finale Party EVER

I'm going to be real with you guys - the #1 thing I try and do with my blogs is keep it REAL, and REASONABLE.

I know you're not gonna single-handedly buy a $50 box of wine, make ordeurves, and decorate your house with red roses for this Bachelor Viewing Party.

Anyone who does that should take a lap, because most of my friends would just drink the free booze and bring a $3 bag of two-bite brownies.

These are the BROKE STUDENT / BROKE POST-GRAD tutorials. So here goes.


How To Have The BEST Bachelor Finale Party Ever:

1) Corinne's Cheesy Pasta

          Buy a big bag of noodles. Buy a block of cheese. LITERALLY just boil the noodles, and melt grated cheese on top. That is ACTUALLY the recipe for Corinne's "cheesy pasta". So cheap. So festive.

2) Cucumber Slices

          Just the way Raquel does them.

3) Signature Cocktail

          Buy ONE (1!!!!) bottle of cheap champagne or sparkling rose, and add it to sparkling pink grapefruit juice (or as I called it growing up, PAMPLEMOUSSE). Probably not the most delicious cocktail out there, but it's pink, and it's easy. Bonus points for frozen strawbs / rasps in there. 

4) Betting Pool

         Place bets on such hard-hitting questions as...
            - "Will he choose Raven or Vanessa"? 
            - "Will Raven keep talking about orgasms"?
            - "Will Nick wear another heinous turtleneck or just BECOME a turtle and swim out to sea"?
            - "How many times will Vanessa say CORE VALUES"?

         I can't formally recommend turning these questions into a drinking game as well, but I'm not saying you shouldn't do it.

5) Decor

          Buy a red tablecloth from dollarama, and some of those fake clear diamonds! Legit total: $2.

           Also, if you're willing to spend a little more money, Party City sells packs of fake red rose petals for $9, and engagement ring bottle stoppers for $5!

          There's one in Bayers Lake although make sure they're in stock before you head out there. 


For an EXTRA-REALISTIC EXPERIENCE, you can cook delicious meals to put in front of everyone, but not let anyone actually eat them. JK


xo Hannah