I Gave Up Gluten For 45 Days...


So, here’s the thing, I LOVE BREAD. I love doughnuts, grilled cheese, cookies, pizza, cheeseburgers, cake, pasta... All of it! But, the BLOAT is real and the older I get the more those goodies tend to ‘stick around’, mostly in the thigh area. I had the bright idea to give up gluten for 45 days, not to lose weight, but to teach myself not to always reach for those things when I’m in a rush or feel I “deserve it”.  Turns out the Con’s of this experience out-weighted the Pro’s and here’s why.





  • I really did learn to reach for things other things. Hardest meal was defiantly breakfast; I couldn’t eat toast, oatmeal and certain cereals. It was also the most rewarding, I tried sweet potato toast for the first time, which I surprisingly really liked, ate more eggs and smoothies too!  I will now always have vegetables for breakfast and am OBSESSED with Chex.
  • I lost like 2.5 pounds, which I REALLY don’t care about but hey…My jeans are a little more comfortable now.
  • I didn’t eat out as much, so I saved some cash- not that there aren’t some awesome gluten free- friendly restaurants in the city, but I am weak and the temptation was STRONG!



  • My husband L O V E S pizza and doughnuts, so the struggle was REAL- I considered moving out.
  • THERE’S LITTERALLY GLUTEN IN EVERYTHING, I couldn’t eat fries from Wendy’s, gummy bears, Soy Sauce, chips, soups, some salad dressings AND ICE CREAMS.
  • I was BORED- Some people eat out of necessity, which is totally fine... But it’s not me.  I LOVE FOOD.  I found myself eating the same thing over and over because I wasn’t sure what else I could eat (see above). I’m sure if gluten was an actual allergy I would have to be a little more adventurous but I just found that there was so much I couldn’t eat I didn’t want anything.
  • Meal- Prep took FOREVER, I could no longer run over to Subway at work if I didn’t have time to make my lunch, hit the drive-thru or grab something quick. It forced me to be prepared, which is a pro but most days, it just sucked.
  • My friends and family probably hate me. Not only was I a little fussier at restaurants, I also talked about giving up gluten... ALL  OF THE TIME. It was always on my mind so it was all I talked about but also totally intentional.  Talking about it meant I had to be held accountable ALL OF THE TIME. So friends and family… THANK YOU… and sorry for always asking to smell your food.  
  • Ok, we’re gonna get personal here. I eat 80% healthy and 20% what I want. I exercise, get enough sleep and take vitamins. I am also VERY regular (yeah, I’m talking about that) so taking the grain and fiber part of my diet out really messed up. I ate double the amount of fibrous veggies and fruits and I even took fiber supplements but it wasn’t the same.  As a creature of habit, THIS was the worst part of the whole thing.


Am I happy I did it? YES! It taught me exactly what I wanted it to. I have been eating WAY more vegetables for breakfast, I am in the habit of being more prepared when it comes to snacks and lunches for work and at the end I went HAM and ate all the pizza, cheeseburgers and doughnuts I wanted to and didn’t feel guilty.


But, would I do it again? Maybe, if I fell off the deep end and needed a wakeup call, but probably not.