Moms Are Superheroes!

Mothers are the best. A human creating another tiny human is a fascinating miracle. My fiancée gave birth to our twin baby girls in April and I’m still in awe of the process her body went through and what it will still go through…. She’s also the only one that can easily tell which identical twin is which…


Identical twins

I can tell Violet is on the left and Vienna is on the right, but I know that after looking at the picture for a bit.


Anyways, moms are superheroes. First of all, did you know during pregnancy, a woman’s brain shrinks and can take up to six months to regain its full size?

This was found out from scientist studies. The brain becomes smaller late in pregnancy, instead of swelling up like it was long thought to have done. The brain getting smaller is linked to the tendency to forget things when you’re pregnant. It’s a phenomenon not fully explained yet, but the fact is… Moms are superheroes!! The body sacrifices its energy to create amazing babies…. And to think I was a guy that never wanted kids! I’m so glad I got over that, as babies give you more of a reason for living. Just look at these cute little bubbies:


The twins laughing


When it comes to twins, identical twins create an embryo that splits into two during the process of development, but with fraternal twins they develop the two eggs at the same time. The identical twin thing is a fluke. It doesn’t matter if you have twins in your family history or not. I didn’t know this and we ended up with identical twins with not much a twin family history.

Also, not to mention, women’s pain thresholds are higher than men’s. This isn’t 100% confirmed but the fact that women go through the pain while giving birth is something a guy might never really know. There’s studies that have been done that seem to indicate that men actually tolerate pain more… but if that’s the case I would think it’s even more impressive that women go through the birthing process! Not only a natural birth, but even induction can be a long painful process.

With all this said, give your mom a big hug today if you can. She deserves it!