My Hook Up Farted In Bed Last Night... TWICE.

In any new 'relationship' [I use this term very loosely] there are all kinds of awkward firsts. The first kiss, the first time you see each other naked, the first time you meet their family.... or wait, how about the first time they fart in their sleep... TWICE.

Agh... I don't even like typing these words. 

I am no prude in most aspects of life, but this is something I have a problem with. Some people are very open about it and everything to do with the washroom, but I think some things need to be kept hush-hush. 

Ever since he farted last night [TWICE] I haven't gotten the sound out of my head... or his little angel face looking so innocent because he has no idea what he has just done. 

When it happened, he sort of stirred for a sec and I just pretended to be sleeping so that I wouldn't embarrass him if he woke up [I know, I'm very considerate.] 

I may be a little 'extra' with my reaction, but farting is not exactly something you want to experience with someone after only a few weeks of hanging out. 

ICK [and, now he won't see this... I'm not a devil woman... just temporarily scarred.] 

Do you have any horror stories from the beginning of your relationship? 

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