Our Week at The Halifax International Buskers Festival!


Hey there! It’s Madi and Nermeen, and we just finished up our week at the Halifax International Buskers Festival.


The best part about our week wasn’t being on the waterfront, or the amazing weather! Our favourite part by far was watching all of the street performances.


Madi’s favourite was PogoFred. He stole the show with epic tricks on his pogo stick. He emceed his own show with hilarious commentary. Definitely a must see for next year if you didn’t get out to it this week.



Nermeen loved Mad Chad Taylor who did some extreme acts like juggling chainsaws that were on! It was thrilling to watch.


The fun didn’t stop there! There was a ton of awesome vendors throughout. We even got henna done from Halifax Henna. There was a Ferris Wheel that was the perfect place to relax after a long walk down the boardwalk.


On Saturday, we watched Zamani sing at the Black Music Festival. She was AMAZING.



Overall, we had an amazing week at the Halifax International Buskers Festival. There was always something to be watching or doing on the waterfront! Hopefully we see you soon next week.