People Who Don't Wash Their Hands Is Up From Last Year, Find Out Just How Much Here!

We all hate to see others not wash their hands after using the bathroom!! Now…Are you one who hate’s to see that happen, but on the other hand you don’t wash your hands sometimes as well? Turns out a lot of us are just that! The person who does not always do what we preach.

If you see a friend not wash their hands, you are quick to call them out. However, would you ever call a complete stranger out, and tell them they need to go back and wash their hands? Could you imagine the awkwardness surrounding that conversation lol?


After a recent survey, they found that the percentage of people not washing their hands after doing their business is up from 42% last year, to 61% this year.


Turns out…Most people who don’t wash their hands, are your co-workers. At work is the location in which people decide not to wash! Think about that the next time you decide to shake someone’s hands at work. Maybe start to dish out fist bumps!