SUMMER STREET SQUAD: Big Weekend Coming Up!

This is a big weekend in Halifax, there are a bunch of amazing events going on, from the 17th annual Lebanese Festival to the Kite Festival on the Citadel there are enough awesome things to do in Hali to keep you busy all weekend!

Lebanese Festival: From July 5 to July 8th the 17 annual Lebanese Festival is taking place at the Olympic Community Centre. This is one of the events this summer you need to hit up, because it has some of the best authentic Lebanese food you can get in Nova Scotia! If that’s not enough to get you over there, there are also going to be amazing live performances and fun activities for the whole family.

Cat Fest: On Saturday, July 7th Cat fest is taking place at the Museum of Natural History, if you’re a cat lover you’ll definitely want to make it out to this one. There will be live cats, hands on activities and some awesome vendors.

Kite Fest: Also on Saturday July 7th is Kite Fest, this event will be held on Citadel Hill. This Sounds like a great time and they’ll have a contest you can enter for a chance to win a huge octopus kite! The event is all day from 9-6 so you will definitely have a chance to make it down there.

Virgin Radio Day @ Upper Clements: On Sunday July 8th We will be headed to Upper Clements for Virgin Radio Day, If you’re in the area you should definitely come say hey because it’s going to be an awesome time!