The HRM Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

"Please, please. Anything but Slytherin, anything but Slytherin."


North End- Gryffindor

Much like Gryffindor, there is always something going on in the north end. Between the local eateries, busy shops and funky vibe the ne is a popular spot where everyone likes to be. North Enders are very eco-friendly and not big on monetary things. They can also be very protective of their dwellings much like their Hogwarts counterpart and aren’t big on change. 


Sackville- Hufflepuff

Sackville and Hufflepuff have a lot in common, both filled with honest, hardworking people that believe what’s right is right. They prefer to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city and aren’t big on branching out.  Although, some might say people from Sackville lack motivation, they see it as enjoying an easy going lifestyle.


Dartmouth- Ravenclaw

Although we tend you overlook Dartmouth or poke fun the truth is… JOKES ON US. Dartmouth dwellers believe they have the ideal spot to enjoy city life while also enjoying the charm of suburbia! The people of Dartmouth can be slightly defensive about where they live and often come across as cliquey.


South End- Slytherin

The South End and Slytherin are alike because of wealth and prestige but, it’s also more than that. There is a certain cloud of mystery about the south end, who actually lives there? Are they a student or super rich?   Nobody  knows!


Spryfield – Hufflepuff

There’s a theory that Hufflepuffs like to indulge in the sticky icky. Maybe it’s the name... Maybe it’s their laidback attitude about life. Either way these two are one in the same. People from sprytown are loyal and proud, and who wouldn’t be proud to be from a place WITH A  WAVE  POOL!?


West End- Ravenclaw

West Enders are a lot like Ravenclaws when it comes to being social. They’ll go out and have a good time, but they’d much rather be at home on their own turf doing their own thing. They often come across as “know it alls” but, they like to think they are just wise and experienced. The west end is full of hard working people that love the feel of the city but are okay with being on the outside and looking in.


Bedford- Slytherin

This is self-explanatory.


Hammonds plains-  Hufflepuff

The laidback, peaceful vibe of Hammonds Plains is exactly why Hufflepuffs would set up shop here. They aren’t big on drama and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Hufflepuffs and Hammons-Plainers don’t have the competitive streak that Gryffindor’s have and that’s why they would forgo the “city life in favor of the undemanding “forest life”


Cole Harbour- Gryffindor  

One might think Cole Harbour would be more of  Hufflepuff because of its close proximity to the ocean, simplistic life views and it’s relaxed way of life but.. Cole Harbour is a very proud place, especially when it comes to certain residents. No matter what their claim to fame does.. IT’S  A  BIG  FREAKING  DEAL.