The Mad Scientist Says These Magic Beans Could Make Us Live Longer…

“Eat your veggies”, said every parent ever, but I was never told to drink coffee when growing up!! Apparently as we make our way to the age of “I DON’T WANT TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY,” one of the biggest threats on our health is inflammation!!

Inflammation makes us age, and can lead to Alzheimer’s, heart attacks and even hypertension. Of course we should look into everything ourselves, and/ or speak with our family doctor before jumping into anything we find on the internet, but science is saying a few cups of coffee a day can keep Chuck Norris away! We all know Mr. Norris is the end of lives, and not the Grim Reaper lol.

“The chemical compounds in coffee help protect against inflammation”, and “it really can make a huge difference in your health, especially as you get older.”


Check out this link to read more on the subject.