The Most Valuable Thing We Got the Twins for Christmas? A Lifesaver!

Let me start off by saying that our twins have been amazing so far. They’re 8 months old, they sleep through the night together, they eat very well and smile all the time. It’s been a pleasure, and dare I say, somewhat “easy” so far.

With that being said, they ARE busy! They love to crawl on the floor now and grab anything and everything in the house like toys, tables, or my PS4!! So how do we get them to enjoy themselves but also give us a bit of a break from a baby or two for a few moments???

We got them these Jumpers! These things are life savers!

Twins in Jumpers

If the babies ever seem bored or irritated, you can put them in these and they act like it’s the best thing EVER! It's good for them, and after a week of using them since Christmas, it's definitely our twins' favourite thing to do.

We were always told get the kids some swings to put them in for free time, but they get restless just swinging around. They don’t get restless with the jumpers at all.

Did you get anything for your kid(s) that they just LOVE?