Throw THE BEST Awards Show Party EVA!

Kat's Blog- Awards Show Party

Awards SZN is in FULL SWING! Since there’s not much to celebrate in the DEAD of winter, why not host a B O M B Awards Party for The Oscars or The Grammys!



It’s actually pretty easy and cheap to DIY with a few store bought touches!


Step One- Décor!

These Wine Glass Charms are a cute way to make sure nobody is sipping’ out of someone else’s glass!


Photo Booth Props are a MUST- These where a cheap printable I ordered off Etsy!


A RED CARPET- It’s an Awards Show… DUH!  You can get disposable Red Carpets at GLOW here in Halifax! Even add stars with your BFF’s names on them for a Hollywood Walk of Fame (or shame) IRL.



Step Two- Games and Prizes!


Award Show Bingo is SO FUN! You can get a free printable on the internet or make your own!



Your swag bags won’t be AS GLAMOROUS as the ones the stars will get but you can still make them SUPER CUTE! Try adding a little bottle of wine, face masks, snacks or a hangover kit (incase things get out of hand!)



Step Three- FOOD


A Popcorn Bar is an AWESOME way to keep it simple with a WOW factor. Make it look like a REAL movie theatre with popcorn containers, candy & chocolate stations and even a DIY KIDS PACK! I made these out of an actual popcorn box and some wrapping paper.


THAT’S IT! Easiest Party EVER!



You can also get all dressed up or opt for your sweatpants and slippers… it’s gonna be a long night!


Check out the segment on CTV Morning Live for more ideas!