Top 5 beaches in Nova Scotia,

Crystal Crescent

Although it can be a little cold Crystal Crescent is an awesome beach, it has something for everyone, white sand plenty of parking, and best of all…. hiking trails! There’s a 13 km loop you can do with some great views. Best part of all is this beach is only 35 mins out of the city!


Known for being one of the better surf spots in NS Martinique, is known for being the longest sandy beach in Nova Scotia at 5KM’s long! It’s a little far away but definitely worth it because you can even rent surf equipment.

Rainbow Haven

Tucked into a cove with a sandbar not far out from the mouth of the beach rainbow Haven is an awesome spot if you’re worried about being too cold. In my experience the water and air seem to be a little bit warmer than that of beaches like Crystal Crescent.

Best part is this is one of the closest beaches to the city too, so your commute won’t be that long!

Clam Harbor beach

Home of an amazing sand castle competition and car show that take place every year Clam Harbor is one of the warmer beaches on this list as well. This one’s a little further out of the way than others on this list but definitely still worth it!


Known as the premier surf spot close to Halifax, Lawerencetown is a must see for tourists or even us regular halogonians.