Top 5 Halo Top Flavors You Need ASAP! 🍦

Halo Top has been in Canada for a couple of months but with summer just around the corner (hopefully) our ice cream intake is about to GO UP! How AMAZING is it that we now have a healthier option when it comes to our fav frozen treat?! Cause we all know.. WE’RE GONNA EAT THE WHOLE PINT.

I’ve tried em’ all and here is my TOP 5!



Mint Chip

3/5- Good mint flavor, really like the tiny chocolate chips. The texture isn’t 100%.

Pancakes & Waffles

3/5- Really strong maple flavor, so if you’re into that its SOO good! Lacking in the pancake and waffles tho, this is really just pretty good maple ice cream

Candy Bar

3.5/5- Texture is not the best, but I LOVE all the Candy Bar goodies it in! Peanuts, caramel, chocolate…YES PLEASE!


4/5- Classic chocolate ice cream! Because it’s made with skim milk it lacks a bit of the creaminess but, still sooo good!

Oatmeal Cookie

5/5- You can fight me on this one. THIS IS THE BEST HALO TOP FLAVOUR ON THIS EARTH!! Tastes JUST LIKE an Oatmeal Cookie, creamy and even has little pieces of chewy oatmeal in it! TO DIE FOR!


Honorable Mentions

Vanilla Bean

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Also, I’ve been hearing that the new Brayers Low Cal Ice Cream is “Better” than Halo Top so I did try the Cookies and Cream this weekend. IT’S SO GOOD! They really nailed the texture for sure and the calories are actually better but, flavors are limited!


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What’s your FAV Halo Top flavor so far?!