What do women really think about men in skinny jeans?

Before seeing the research, understand...You look as awesome as you feel!!

How do you feel about skinny jeans on guys? Do you LOVE them...Do you HATE them?

I personally love skinny jeans, and own multiple pairs. Although my skinny jeans are not skin tight and have plenty of space, I still get a lot of grief from my friends. The funny thing is, most of my friends' girlfriend's wish their man would wear pants like mine! There's a good look to a pair of jeans that fit nicely, and let’s face it...Skinny jeans also complement your shoes.


Shoes are a big deal these days, so why would you want to hide them under boot cut pants? Again, we are all stylish in our own way, so feel great and proud of the unique look you bring to this world.


Now that you know how I feel, here is one study and it's results. Apparently 68% of women said that “men should never wear skinny jeans…Especially on a first date”.


How do you feel about them?