What % Of People Find These "SEXY Things" Awkward!? Get The Info, Before Trying To Be Sexy!


  1. 75% of people find eye contact during sex very awkward! If you are going to use eye contact, make it no more than 3 seconds.
  2. 67% of people find loud moaning sexy, while 33% of people find it awkward. Always go with the majority lol, just don’t make the neighbors angry! 
  3. 61% of people find winking sexy...39% say awkward. If you wink, you might as well go full Joey and throw in "oh you doin".
  4. Spanking...Oh how fun this can be! It's really a hit and miss, so know your partner well before trying this at home. 55% of people say sexy, while 45% say awkward.
  5. Dirty talk is the only thing on the list to break even!! 50 50...So this isn’t very helpful lol. I guess you can give it your beet, and see what happens.
  6. 46 % of people find a lap dance to be sexy, and 54% found it to be awkward. 
  7. Are you a big sexter? Turns out 45% of people find it sexy, and 55% say awkward.
  8. Star Wars...Great choice for role playing lol. 41% of people say role playing is sexy, and 59% say it's awkward.
  9. Phone sex turns more people off! Only 24% say it's sexy, while 76% say awkward.
  10. Lights, camera, action!! The webcam sadly get on 19% of people to say sexy! 81% of people say it's awkward!!