Why Do Babies Cry at Some Strangers?

So the babies sleep all the way through the night, but they’re busy now! I’m a little tired, if you can’t tell.

So, the babies didn't seem to really like each other for a long time. They’re now eight months old and for the very first time they’re paying attention to each other! I figured they would be inseparable since the beginning but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s especially since we started separating them and putting them in their own cribs. They slept beside each other most of the time.

Vienna and Violet both didn’t even look at each other for the longest time. They were aware that they were beside each other and that was enough for them I guess. They’re the sweetest girls, so surely they will be sweet to one another, right? Vienna is grabbing at Violet’s face and Violet is kicking Vienna in the legs. They’re busy babies, but they don’t mean it.



Although they sleep through the night, I'm tired LOL


The babies smile at a lot of people and giggle (It’s so cute!) But there are a few random people that just set them off temporarily. They may start crying with different people in the room. It’s rare, but it happens and the person feels bad thinking they made the babies cry. The babies rarely cry anyway, which is luck for us as parents I guess.

Does your baby not take kindly to certain people? Do they cry around random strangers?

It’s perfectly normal, but it won’t change until around a year and a half. Although it can be longer.