Your To-Do List This April


With Spring in Nova Scotia being pretty much non-existent, sometimes it feels like our winter blues TRIPLE in April. WHEN WILL IT STOP!?

Here is your Official VIRGIN Radio April To-Do List. It'll make you feel a little bit better, even with some snow on the ground.


  • Give yourself a pastel purple mani/pedi

  • Buy those $8 tulips from Superstore/Sobeys in your fave colour

  • Brew your fave fruity herbal teas, and serve in real china!

  • Bake mini egg cookies

  • Dust off those rainboots & rain jacket because you're going to need them!

  • National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (April 12)

  • Eat WAY too much turkey and chocolate on Easter

  • National Eggs Benedict Day (April 16)

  • Take a lavender bubble bath

  • Make a new pasta salad recipe*

  • Drink lemonade (or white wine) outside!

  • National Picnic Day (April 23)

*Because you need to have one perfected in time for Summer BBQ season

xo Hannah