Valentine's Day Superstition (Fun Facts)

So it’s Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day to you whether you’re in a relationship or not.

     1) Did you know in the middle ages it was a common superstition that if you were single, you would end up marrying the first single person that you meet on Valentine’s Day?

How does that work EVERY year though? Either way, I thought it was useless knowledge, but still cool. I love old traditions.

Moving on to more useless knowledge or very useful if you’re a scientist trying to discover why our eardrums oddly move.

    2) Did you know when your eyes move, your eardrums move too? …If you keep flicking your eyes back and forth, left and right.

Even if you managed to keep the rest of your body completely still, your eyeballs AND ear drums are moving.

They’re small membranes inside both of your ears— they slightly vibrate as your eyes move, bulging eardrums to the left and right. The weirdest part? We know so much about the human body, but no one knows why our ear drums move when our eyes do.

Even though we don't know the reason this happens, Scientists do say that the information we take in through sight and sound has a much closer relationship than previously thought.

So look around and see if you feel your eardrums!

…and it's really cold here in Halifax today, but I've been talking about how hot it is in Australia so far this year. I mentioned recently that they have roads that are actually MELTING.

    3) Well, did you know a heat wave has been sweeping across Australia and it'll be so hot there that it'll be deadly? They're calling it an extreme heatwave with temperatures hitting a scorching 47 degrees Celsius and yes, sadly, experts warned that “lives could be lost.”

    4) Did you know there's a pet food taster job for humans?

They check for professional quality control, for pet food. Some of these professionals make up to $120,000  a year! Could you imagine though? Telling people, “I eat dog and cat food for a living.”

But... that person's breath probably permanently smells like cat food!