Win $10,000 with Virgin Radio!!


Congratulations to special agent Jill Muise who called, and WON the Virgin Radio $10,000 phone!!!

Jill followed the clues and figured out that the winning phone number was 902-453-9989.

She wins $10,000 CASH and of course the Virgin Radio phone that won her the money!

Thanks to everyone who played along, we can now consider closed!

Another unbelievable contest is coming up on Virgin Radio in the next couple days! Keep listening! 


We've listed all the WRONG phone number guesses on our CHEAT SHEET - Click here

The Virgin Radio $10,000 Phone 902-453-9989




Monday Oct 2

8a – The 3rd digit is a prime number (self-explained)

11a – There is a 4 in the phone number (self-explained)

1p – The 4th digit is less than the 9th digit (self-explained)

3p – 2 of the 10 digits are the same (actually 4 of them are the same)

5p – The first digit is an odd number (self-explained)

7p – The 2nd digit is less than 7 (self-explained)


Tuesday Oct 3

8a –The 1st digit is higher than the number of people in The Chainsmokers (9 is higher than 2)

11a – There is NOT a 6 in the phone # (self-explained)

1p – The first 3 digits add up to more than 6 (9+0+2=11)

3p – The 3rd digit is where it’s “at” (the @ symbol is on the 2 key)

5p – The 10th digit is higher than the 2nd digit (self-explained)

7p – The 5th digit is more than the number of cups Crosby has won (5, Crosby won 3 cups)


Wednesday Oct 4

8a – On an iPhone keypad, the last 4 digits cannot spell a word (self-explained)

11a – The 1st digit is divisible by 3 (self-explained)

1p – One of the first 6 digits is a 5 (self-explained)

3p – The phone number does not contain a 1 (self-explained)

5p – One of the digits in the area code is a 2 (self-explained)

7p – It is not a PEI phone number (self-explained)


Thursday Oct 5

8a – The 2nd digit is less than the number of Jonas Brothers (There are 4 Jo Bros)

11a – One of the last 4 digits is more than the points on the Virgin Radio Star (5 points on the star)

1p – The 6th digit is less than the number of letters in Halifax (self-explained)

3p – All 10 digits add up to more than 26 (self-explained)

5p – One of the digits is a 9 (there are actually four 9s)

7p – The 4th digit is higher than 2 (self-explained)


Friday Oct 6

8a – The 5th digit is in sync with the Jacksons (Jackson 5)

11a – The 3rd digit has 3 letters in its spelling (two)

1p – The 6th digit is above 9 (on a phone keypad, 3 is above the 9)

3p – More than 5 of the digits are greater than 2 (self-explained)

5p – In Roman numerals, there is a “V” in the phone number (V=5)

7p – 4 of the digits can be found on 1 dice (2,3,4,5)


Saturday Oct 7

10a – The 4th digit has the same number of letters as its meaning (4 letters spell four)

12p – At least 6 of the digits are more than 1 (self-explained)

2p – Digits 5 & 6 add up to more than 3 (self-explained)


Sunday Oct 8

12p – More than half of the first 6 digits are less than 8 (self-explained)

2p – March, April, May (3rd, 4th and 5th month, “453”

4p – One of the digits is Matt Damon minus Tiger woods (Matt was 46 – Tiger 41 = 5)


Monday Oct 9

10a – Brad Pitt’s movie is not in this phone number (no Seven)

12p – J minus K equals the 6th digit (in scrabble J=8 minus K=5 is 3)

2p – The last digit is higher than 3 (self-explained)


Tuesday Oct 10

8a – The 4th digit is half the distance between Point Pleasant Park and the Mackay Bridge (8 kms between the two,half is 4)

11a – One of the digits is W-X-Y divided by 3 (9 divided by 3 = 3)

1p – One of the digits is “stuck” between 14 & 12 (on a dart board 9 is between 12 & 14)

3p – One of the first 6 digits is also one of the last 4 digits (9)

5p – There is a hat-trick in the phone number (3)

7p – The 6th digit is the same as the length of Ariana Grande’s song “Problem” in minutes (3 mins)


Wednesday Oct 11

8a – The 9th digit is higher than the 6th (self-explained)

11a – There is only one 0 in the number (self-explained)

1p – The Wise Men (The 3 Wise Men)

3p – It is an odd phone number isn’t it (9024539989 is an odd number)

5p – Today minus last Friday (11th minus the 6th is 5)

7p – Beethoven likes this number (9 symphonies)


Thursday Oct 12

8a – The shadow (5 O’clock shadow)

11a – Life Savors (5 flavors of life savors)

1p – The Great lakes (there are 5)

3p – Full House (5 cards)

5p – Short Circuit (from the movie, character is Johnny 5)


Thanks for playing!!

LEGALS for the Virgin Radio $10 000 Phone Contest

No purchase necessary. Contest starts at 8:00 a.m. AT on October 2, 2017 and closes on October 29, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. AT. Open to legal residents of Nova Scotia who are 19 years of age or older. Some restrictions apply. Correct answer to a mathematical skill testing question required. Approximate retail value of the Prize is $11,000 CAD. Odds of winning the Prize will depend on total number of callers following the applicable Announcement. Complete contest rules and information about entry available at