Do You Think Selfies Are Killing Your Relationship?

We are all guilty of posting selfies, and why not right? They can make us feel good about ourselves! Selfies can bring positive attention from familes, friends, co-workers and even strangers on social media! And we all love feeling great, and looking great! 


However, a new study says that it could be killing your relationship! By posting selfies, are we looking for attention from outsiders, or are we truly posting for ourselves? Think about that before posting your next selfie.


According to this study, it can bring a lot of unwanted jealousy from our partners! If someone is constantly commenting on your photo and doing it in an inappropriate way…Your partner could start to feel threatened. How you react, and monitor your selfies and the comments that come with it can make all the difference. Although relationships are built on TRUST, we can’t stop the way different people feel and handle themselves.

Even though outside attention can be flattering, but is it worth creating an avoidable problem with the ones you love?


At the end of the day, you know your relationship better than anyone else…So do what works best for you.


Have fun snapping those selfies