How To Beat The Winter Blues

Things I do when I'm feeling down in the dumps :) 


1. Pull Your Look Together

  • I find a lot of the time, if you look gross, you feel gross.
  • Throw on your cutest new loungewear
  • Moisturize your face
  • Swipe on some mascara

2. Make A Pot Of Your Favourite David's Tea

  • Cream of Earl Grey is my personal favourite, and it's a little caffienated to perk you up!

3. Watch A Feel-Good RomCom

  • Notting Hill is a great choice, or, anything with Hugh Grant, really
  • Make sure your tea, phone, and remotes are all within reaching distance
  • Fuzziest blanket is recommended

4. Make A Fun Plan For The Week Ahead

  • Text your friends!
  • Plan to do something you've always been meaning to do, that way you'll look forward to it for the days to come

5. Allow Yourself A Food Treat

  • Something you LOVE but wouldn't normally get yourself (PRINGLES).
  • Enjoy in moderation, obviously, but gives you something to look forward to!

6. Light Candles

  • Always makes you feel a little flos$y / extra

7. Turn On Your BO$$ BETCH Playlist

  • Loud.

8. Change Your Sheets

  • Super annoying but it'll make you look forward to bedtime

9. Cross One Thing Off Your To-Do List

  • If you've been meaning to send an e-mail, or call to make an appointment, just do it!
  • Pick the easiest thing
  • That way no matter how bad your day was, you got something done.

10. Vitamin D Gummies

  • It might be a psychological trap, but I feel like these really do improve my mood in the Winter. 
  • And I love gummies


11. EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are NOT going to want to do this but TRUST me when I say if you sweat it out for 15 minutes on a treadmill / bike / elliptical it will drastically improve your mood
  • It's a vicious cycle because you don't wanna work out when you're depressed, but you'll get un-depressed if you go work out. 


xo Hannah