I Tried Kayla Itsines' Workout Plan So You Didn't Have To

Hey guys!

So this week for my blog I figured I'd write about the workout plan I'm doing. It's a pretty popular program, and I get a TON of questions about it!

I'm currently on Week 18 of Kayla Itsines' "Sweat With Kayla" Workout Program, or #BBG (Bikini Body Guide). 

I believe there's been an online version, but I used the app.


How It Works:

So basically there are two workout categories. 1) Resistance, and 2) Cardio. 

It's set up so that Mon/Wed/Fri are Resistance days (strength training). There are three strength categories - Legs, Arms/Abs, and Full Body.

At the beginning, Tuesday and Thursday are LOW-INTENSITY cardio days, which consists of a 35-45 minute fast walk. As you get father along in the program, high-intensity cardio is added.


So when you first start out, your plan will look like this:

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: LISS (Low Intensity Cardio)

Wednesday: Arms/Abs

Thursday: LISS

Friday: Full Body (optional)

Saturday: LISS (optional)

Sunday: REST



Examples of Resistance Exercises: Burpies, Tricep Dips, Weighted Walking Lunges, Jump Squats, Weighted Jacknife, Planking, Step-ups, Push-ups, Commandos, etc.

The good thing about this workout plan is that you don't need a ton of equipment... All you really need is a bench (I use my piano bench), a mat, and a couple free weights :) 




It's always challenging in the first few weeks of a workout plan, because you feel like you're working SO hard, and you aren't quite seeing results yet. Hang in there. I didn't start seeing REAL results until roughly Week 8, or two months in! But after that you can't look back!

For this plan in particular, every Resistance Workout is 30 minutes long (you follow along with the exercises on the app as it counts down), which makes it relatively quick and then you're done! So I liked that aspect of it, as well as not needing very much equipment. I turned Kat onto this workout program, and she does it in her office sometimes (SHH!). 

This is a photo of me from Week 10:


So I did see real results from this program, which is why I'm still using it. There are, however, a couple cons as well.



1) THIS APP COSTS $32.19 PER MONTH CANADIAN. So like, if you're already paying for a gym membership.... That's a lot of money. I have a gym in my building, so worth it for me, but probably NOT worth it if you've got GoodLife payments on top of that.

2) It's easy at the beginning, but as it gets more challenging, you end up working out 6 days per week. Which is alot.

3) There is a "Meal Plan" with Grocery Lists, etc, but it's totally unreasonable and I haven't even used it once


That is Kayla #BBG 101! Hope this helped with any questions you had!

xo Hannah