Just How Many Of Our Partners Could Be Setting Themselves A Plan B? Get The Results Here!

This morning on the show we talked about "Cushioning"...See below.


What are your thoughts when it comes to dating!? Are you someone who puts everyone else and their feeling first, or are you someone who looks out for number 1?

“Cushioning” is a new dating trend, and the idea is that you set yourself up with a plan B, in case the relationship goes sideways.


If you ask me…I say be honest with people! Take their feelings into consideration, and try to understand how much you could hurt this person with petty actions. You don’t have to stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy, but at least respect this person enough to let them know how you feel, rather they find out from everyone else when your plan starts to unravel.

Unfortunately we live in a new world of love, and you may have to try a bunch of times before finding the perfect person. They say there are 3 real types of love that come into your life! Love 1 is the first relationship, where everything feels like a fairy tale! You think this person will be in your world for life, but usually…This is not the case. LOVE 2, yet again you think you finally found the person that will be there until the end! In most cases, this love is the one that teaches you a lot about yourself, other people, and opens your eyes to a better way for LOVE 3! Love 3, you are the best partner you can possibly be! You have made mistakes, and bad things have been done to you as well. By this point, you know how to react to things that in the past would have caused a big fight.

People often refer to the partner as their “BEST FRIEND”, but yet are quick to hurt this so called best friend faster than they would ever hurt their best friends that our not sexual. How is it that we as people can easily hurt someone we love? Although 50% of people in a survey said that cushioning is smart, and you should always have a plan B…I say stick it out with the one person you truly love! Let’s bring back the old fashion way of relationships! Stop running away every time things get hard, learn how to communicate, trust that people will come and go in your life…But true love last forever! As Shaggy once put it “Life is one big party when your still young, but who will have your back when it’s all done”.


So, do you agree or dissagree with “Cushioning”?