No Electronics for Babies?

What are your thoughts on this? I know there’s some strong opinions on this topic. Some want to keep their children from technology right away, others want them to dive right in. I’m sure there are also some that are somewhere in the middle.

Do you think TV and electronics can harm a child in some way?

I personally think it’s a beautiful moment seeing the babies smile at the TV when I put on old classic cartoons on Saturday mornings. I had Rupert on while I fed them the other morning. Remember Rupert? I loved that animated show. He was the smartest bear I’ve ever seen. LOL

But then again, I’ve seen some children who are glued to their iPads that they got from Santa for Christmas before they’re enrolled in school. This is something my fiancée Polly doesn’t want to happen with the twins.

My suggestion is to limit your babies to technology. Don’t let them on it all the time. Once they get the ability to help you around the house, maybe you can offer technology to them for a short period of time as an appreciation for their help around the house.

Do you think technology is a benefit to children or not?