Andy Berridge

Andy Berridge

1.Favorite sports team – Nashville Predators!

2.Something you are un-necessarily passionate about; Breakfast in bed

3.I could eat LIFE CEREAL (breakfast is love, breakfast is life)  until the whole - bag, box, can – is empty

4.If I had one day left in Halifax I would spend it at the beach!!

5.Do you wear sunglasses at night? Only if she’s into that sort of thing.

6.If you could temp in any other job position what would it be? Astronaut, obvi.

7.How long has your best friend been your best friend? 2 years, college buddies for life! (luv u Zach) – xoxo gossip girl

8.Name something other than your usual grooming routine you do every day: 6000 push-ups