The ONE Thing To Remember On Valentine's Day

Don’t doubt your relationship today, if your significate other didn’t write you an amazing post with a photo collage of pics of you sleeping. THAT’S OK! If they didn’t send a giant bouquet of flowers to your work or have dancing bears in bowties sing you a John Legend song. THAT’S OK!

At some point today, you’re going to go on Facebook, Instagram or snapchat and see pictures of couples celebrating each other with elaborate gifts, poems and touching posts. And at some point you might feel that pit of jealousy or sadness in your gut that makes you think “why didn’t I get that”. It might be hard to admit, but we’ve all had those feelings. I’m not sure why really, it might just be the “IN YOUR FACE” attitude of our time, but the important thing to remember is that... IT’S OK! They’re relationship, isn’t yours. People only tend to show you the good stuff, the things that make them happy and that is also OK! But, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship and looking back, who would want that?


If you look at your partner at the end of the day and can answer “YES” to these three questions… You’re where you’re supposed to be.

  1. Do I feel appreciated?
  2. Am I excited to see this person after a long day?
  3. Do they make me happy?


This day has gone a bit BANANAS in the age of social media, simply telling the person your with that they are important, that you love them and maybe a foot rub is all you really need.