Travelling with Babies

How old do babies have to be to travel? I ask this when my twins are only 7 and a half weeks old. I don’t plan on taking them on a flight any time soon, but do I have that option?

Not just planes though… Road trips, trains, any kind of travel. My fiancée Polly and I used to go to Jamaica any year we had the chance. Now, we feel like we can’t with the newborn infants.


"Take me somewhere, Dad"


How old do they have to be to travel? Oddly enough, 7 days and older can fly! If they’re under 2 years old, babies can fly on a plane on your lap with you for free. We want to get married by next May (or that was the initial idea) in Jamaica… Babies flying for free?? Flying internationally only costs 10 per cent of what you pay.

But how hard would that be? Flying and worrying about them the whole trip. Who looks after the babies all the time? The beauty of travelling with a trusted group, like parents and siblings, is that they can be there to help you look after a baby.

If you’re on a road trip, you better have some music or movies for the baby or babies. Avoid songs like the “Kangaroo Song” so it doesn’t drive you crazy.


A friend of mine took their twins on a trip down south when they were just 10 months old. Best advice I’ve heard about travelling with babies: Absolutely plan everything. Bring double of everything. changes of clothes for the babies, changes of clothes for yourself too. You don’t want one of those blowouts. You know… when they give you this look:


Vienna's face meme


How old do you think a baby should be before they start travelling, especially on flights?