• Deathbed Reunion

    Though it's really sick, this monkey's face just lights up when it recognizes its former handler! Cross-species friendship!
  • This River Gets Blown Away

    Ireland has been hit with its first hurricane in a long time and it's creating some pretty weird sights! Imagine being a fish in that river!
  • Insane Eye Reaction Training

    This is how this goalie trains his reaction and his situation awareness. You can almost see the smoke coming out of his ears...
  • Out of Tune Road

    Creative plan, bad execution. Imagine having to drive on an out of tune road every time you go to work!
  • Brilliant Anti Bullying Burger King Commercial

    See how people react when their burgers are bullied vs. how they react when they witness real bullying towards a kid. Talk about a sad situation.
  • Gordon Ramsay Learns How to Make Cocaine

    Gordon Ramsay is a great cook and now he's taking time to learn how cocaine is made. Just imagine the TV show this man would come up with if he added drugs to his famous recipes!
  • 7 Simpsons characters in 40 seconds

    Nancy Cartwright has been doing a whole bunch of voices on the Simpsons for years. See how she can voice 7 characters in just 40 seconds!
  • Durian Fruit Tastes Like... what?!

    These people have tasted a Durian fruit so you don't have to. We think it's fair to say that they didn't agree on the taste of said fruit. WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE
  • Scooter Hit and Run

    Scooter hit and runs are now a thing in London. Certainly not as intimidating as hardcore biker gangs, but a serious problem nonetheless.
  • Stylish Cannabis Commercial

    Marijuana will be legal in Canada come July 1st, so maybe we will see more and more commercials like this one.