10 Year Old Writes Letter To Principal About Missing School Because Of 'Day Without Women'

Wednesday is international womens day. As a  protest many communities are holding a day without women. 

On Wednesday women all over north america and the world will be skipping work and school as a show of solidarity to women of the past, and all over the world today who CAN'T work or go to school. The idea is to show the world they can't do it without us! 

This 10 year old will be participating in a day without women, and let her principal know whats up. 



Talking at dinner last night about civic engagement and my 10 year old wrote this letter to her principal #DayWithoutAWoman pic.twitter.com/wgxiHD1eHH

— Laura Moreschi (@LMoreschi) March 6, 2017

And if you can't participate, remember to wear RED!

In honor of A Day Without a Woman, we're making red Suffragette inspired sashes! https://t.co/M9QXJijRSG @womensmarch #DayWithoutAWoman pic.twitter.com/ty0VjyEYw3

— Wee The People 🇺🇸 (@CivicKids) March 5, 2017