Block ANYTHING You Want From Twitter

We all know the joy of setting the DVR to tape your favourite show on a weekday, getting home on Friday at noon (ok maybe that's just be) and settling in to watch no less than 5 hours of prime time TV on your time. 

We also know the frustration of someone spoiling that show before we get halfway through our chunky monkey. 

Now you can block spoilers from your favourite shows from twitter, no matter what your favourite show it. Needless to say this would have even come in handy when I was trying to watch How I Met Your Mother 3 years after it ended, but I digress. 

You can even block people, words, and emojis. Here's how: 

Mute words, phrases, hashtags & more for a specific time period in your timeline & notifications. On Web & Android.

— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) March 23, 2017


iOS doesn't offer as much functionality as Android or desktop -- yet.


Android has the full muting options, complete with a timeframe for your bans.

On Your Desktop: