Justin Bieber's Right Yeezy Is Being Sold for HOW MUCH?!?!

Maybe his feet were too sweaty OR maybe he just wanted to give a "unique" gift to 2 hardcore Beleibers - WHO KNOWS?!?

One thing's for sure; there are two Justin Bieber fans who may get a little richer over the Yeezy's he threw into the crowd mid-concert Sunday night. So far this sole sneaker (see what I did there) is the only one that's surfaced on Ebay (for a whopping $5,000!!!), and people all over the world are wondering where the left sneaker ended up.

My best guess? The other fan who caught Lefty kept it for themselves beacuse they're  REALLY into mix-matching shoes.

Ps. why don't people react this way when I throw my shoes at them?!?