Mom Took Drastic Measures To Show Her Daughter How Beautiful She Is

This mom wanted her daughter to know that her natural black hair was beautiful, and there was no need to use relaxers or wear wigs. 

After kids at school suggest the 11 year old straighten it, her mom decided to take matters into her own hands. She bought this billboard to show her how beautiful natural black hair is. 

Hair it is! @Project_Embrace billboard celebrating natural black beauty, challenging beauty ideals & underrepresetation. #afrovisibility

— Lekia Lée (@Project_Embrace) March 10, 2017

Take a selfie by the @Project_Embrace billboard along West Cromwell Road, share with #afrovisibility for a chance to win the campaign tshirt

— Lekia Lée (@Project_Embrace) March 10, 2017