Oprah's Favourite Things 2018

Oprah just unveiled the list of her 'Favourite Things' for 2018.

BTW, before we get to the list ... can we point out that while 'Oprah's Favourite Things' is self-explanatory, it isn't very catchy? A little too on-the-nose, no? How about 'Oprah's Fire List 2018' or 'O's Hundo P's 2018'? We digress.

Oprah's list of her 'Favourite Things' for 2018 was unveiled yesterday, Wednesday November 7th 2018, and it includes 107 items from a $1,800 e-bike to $16 comfy plaid boot socks. The media mogul said, "I love discovering delectable, cozy, innovative new gifts and revisiting some of my past favorites to find the perfect present for each of the special people in my life, and then sharing these great finds with all of you!"

Here are five of our favourite things from 'Oprah's Favourite Things':


1. Softies Women's Ultra Soft Hooded Snuggle Lounger, Lightweight Stretch Velour - $95 each (20% off thru Oprah's site)

2. La Chatelaine Deluxe 12 Hand Cream Gift Set, 20% Shea Butter Hand Creams, Beauty Gift, Organic Argan Oil, Hydrating, Nourishing, Extra-Rich, Paraben Free - $68 (20% off thru Oprah's site)

3. etuHOME - White Mod Charcuterie Board (Small) - $105 for small and $125 for medium (20% off thru Oprah's site)

4. TRUFF Hot Sauce, Gourmet Hot Sauce with Ripe Chili Peppers, Black Truffle, Organic Agave Nectar, An ultra unique Flavor Experience in a 6 oz Bottle - $15 (now 10% off thru Oprah's site)

5. Harry Barker Dog Spa Day Gift Set Includes 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Robe, Bamboo Brush, Shea Butter Shampoo/Conditioner, Recycled Steel Gift Bucket - $62 (now $49.60 thru Oprah's site)

BONUS The Urban Agriculture Co. | Grow Your Own Christmas Tree | Ceramic Pot Grow Kit - $45 ea