Over $2,000 for a BAG OF AIR?!?

UPDATE: The Bag of air keeps rising in price and is now almost at $2,000 in bids?!?!

What started as a fun internet joke has spiraled into something rediculous! 

You've probably heard about Adele calling out a security guard, for telling people to sit down during her performance in Australia? Well it trended so hard on Twitter, that one guy decided to collect some air from that show, and put it on EBAY with the starting bid at $14...24 hours later and the bid has gone up to $202.50... WHAAAAAAT?


I don't care if Adele IS one of the greatest peolpe on the planet...this is just insane! Would you spend this kind of dough on a bag of...essentially nothing? Join in on the comments below!


Ps. In case you're curious this is that famous trending moment where Adele told a security guard where to go, and how to get there :p