The Top 10 Scams Canadians Fall For

Not all scams are created equal. For the most part we're wise to the Nigerian Prince who needs help releasing his millions. 

The first scam to look out for is employment scam. Candians have lost over 5 million on this one. If a company hires you and wants you to pay them up front... somthing is off. 

Next up we have romance scams. Nothing gets to a person like tuggin on their heart strings, and scammers have tugged on Canadians heart strings to the tune of 17 million dollars. The old adage, if its too good to be true it probably is comes into play here. 

One that I've been caught by.. the online purchase scam. Just because a website looks legit, doesn't mean it is. 

Here are the top 10 scams we candians fall for and how to avoid them. 


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