There's a Way to Find Out If Your Crush Is Into You

Please tell me if this has ever happened to you - You receive a text from your crush and then go through the following 5 stages:

  1. Start texting back and immediately erase it
  2. Reread the entire conversation to try and find a deeper meaning in the text
  3. Screenshot the message and send to 3 close friends to help formulate a response
  4. Go on Instagram and like your crush's pictures so they know you aren't ignoring them
  5. Turn off your phone and hope the problem solves itself.

WELL, the CRUSHH app will now help elimate that 5 stop process and simly analyze the text for you. You can choose which contact you'd like the app to look at, and it'll rate the likelihood of you two lovebirds becoming soulmates.

Thank you technology for solving all of our problems, yet again. 

- Sarah Christie