What do ED SHEERAN & GAME OF THRONES have in common?

I knew that one day my obsession for both Ed Sheeran and hit HBO show 'Game of Thrones' would pay off! Earlier this week a GOT crew member leaked some vital information about Season 7 - ED SHEERAN WILL BE IN IT!!!

No word yet on whether or not Ed will be a huge character, or if he'll get an epic-GOT-style death, but either way I'm excited; and in the mean time we have the internet (aka Reddit users) to thank for these hilarious photo-shop pics.


Ed getting ready to take on some white walkers perhaps?


Or maybe he'll just focus on taking the Iron Throne from Cersei Lannister...


Then again, he could just say "screw everyone else" and hop the wall to become a wildling...

Whatever Ed's adventure may be in this fantastical world of drama and dragons, we KNOW it will be great...Now to wait only 14 weeks, and 3 days to see what happens. #WeGotThis



PS if you want to know more about Ed Sheeran joining the the GOT cast - CLIK HERE