Would You Pretend to be bad at Something to Avoid Doing it?


Have you ever pretended to be bad at something JUST to get out of it?

67% of Americans have admitted to doing a poor job when it comes to chores in attempt to get out of doing them. (Sneaky… BUT GENIUS) Men were reportedly more likely to go to extreme lengths to getting out of the chore. Some couples have even gone as far as outsourcing the work, which, in result has helped their relationship.

I’ve ALWAYS said this about baking. If you successfully bake something and bring it to an event, people will expect you to bring said dish to every event moving forward!

What chore would you MOST want to get out of?

  1. Yard duty
  2. Washroom duty
  3. Dish duty

- Sarah Christie 

(Survey results via Yelp)

(Pic via Meme Generator)