Virgin Radio Secret Sound

We all get curious when we hear a noise, we wonder if it's a car alarm...wait is it my car???
Sirens, you hope that noone is hurt, or wonder if maybe it's a fire.

Whatever the sound knowing what it is could help you win some cold hard cash.
Weekdays at 7:40, 11:40 and 4:40 we're going to play the Virgin Radio Secret Sound.
Just be caller 25 at (519) 884-1053 when you hear the que to call.
We'll give you one second of a sound and then ten seconds to guess what it is.
If you can guess correctly you can win the Secret Sound Jackpot.

We'll start the jackpot off at $200 and add $105 everytime there's a wrong guess. So don't feel too bad if the person on air gets it wrong.

Check back here for all the inncorect guesses, it'll help you get it right.

Sound #1 - Check out the answer here! -- $515 jackpot
Sound #2 - Opening a can -- $305 jackpot
Sound #3 - Brushing your teeth -- $2510 jackpot
Sound #4 - Pen Clicking -- $410 jackpot
Sound #5 - Coffee Grinder --$935 jackpot
Sound #6 - ?????

  • Guess #1 - 11:40

New Jackpot is $200

No purchase necessary. Contest starts at 7:40 a.m. EST on March 4, 2019 and closes at 4:40 p.m. EST on March 29, 2019. Open to legal residents of Ontario, Canada who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Some restrictions apply. Correct answer to a mathematical skill-testing question required. A total amount of $8,000.00 CAD in cash prizes is available to be won. The minimum and maximum amounts that can be offered as a prize are $200.00 and 8,000.00 CAD, respectively. The odds of winning a prize will depend upon the total number of callers following the applicable announcement and the corresponding qualifier’s ability to identify the sound. Number of prizes decreases as they are awarded during the contest period. Complete contest rules and information about entry available at