Halsey Pic Sparks Speculation

Halsey has been caught “seemingly snorting a suspicious substance” while chilling onboard a yacht in Miami this week.

The UK’s Daily Mail posted a photo on Tuesday that shows the pop star “holding a small object up to her nose and pushing one nostril closed.”

It reported that Halsey – who was in Miami to ring in the new year with her boyfriend, rapper G-Eazy – also “drank and smoked cigarettes” on the luxury yacht.

According to the Daily Mail, a rep for Halsey did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The paparazzi images quickly went viral, with some fans jumping to conclusions and expressing concern on social media.

“I know you’re an adult and you’re free to do whatever you want,” tweeted @cellydolans. “Just please stay safe and healthy. I love you so much and don’t want anything bad happening to you. Much love.”

@devilinangelus tweeted: “halsey is a grown a** woman and can make her own decisions so i’m not gonna sit here and tweet what she should do but i am worried about her and i  hope she stays safe.”

While it's not known what Halsey was allegedly "snorting" on the yacht, many fans have pointed out that she has never shied away from making cocaine references in her music.

In “Bad At Love,” Halsey sings about a girl who “fell in love with little thin white lines” and her song “Don’t Play” includes the lyric: “Runnin' lines like a marathon / Got it all white like parmesan.”

On Dec. 30, Halsey tweeted “u wearin coke whites, but my vans look cleaner” – a lyric from The Pack’s 2007 track “Vans.”