• Skating in the Desert

    Sometimes sports takes you to places you never thought it would. Hockey taking you to the desert? Why not!
  • Helpful Dog Puts in the Effort

    Dogs are man's best friend. These firefighters found that out first hand! Thanks, doggo!
  • Dad Joke Duel

    It's a dad joke duel. You get a point if the other guy laughs at your corny joke. How do you think you would have done?
  • Cute Baby Howler

    This little guy is gonna be a great howler one day but he needs to put the practice in. Keep at it, puppy!
  • Going Down Snow Mountain!

    Going down a mountain on a pizza-shaped sled, that's just a thing that some people do. If it's not for you, watch somebody else do it!
  • Street Magic

    Using your skills to lighten up people's lives is always a good plan. This guy brings magic to homeless people's days.
  • The Perfect Hoodie

    Keeps you warm and you can sleep in it anywhere? If you didn't have to blow it up yourself, it'd be the perfect garment.
  • Captain Raising Morale

    It's easy to imagine that Johnny Depp has his Captain Sparrow outfit in his closet. It's unlikely, but if he does, he uses it for good!
  • He ain't heavy, he's my friend

    Real friendship is being there for your friends when they need you. This guy has friends ready to step it up one notch!