Virgin Radio’s $10,000 Secret Sound


You hear them every day at work, and now…
they can win you CASH!
Virgin Radio wants you to guess THE SECRET SOUND!  

Weekdays at 8:20, 9:20, 11:20, 1:20, AND 2:20, play Virgin Radio’s $10,000 Secret Sound!

“☎ Call 514-790-0959” and correctly identify the Secret Sound!
If you guess correct, you win the jackpot!
If there is no winner $100 will go into the jackpot for the next player! 

Check back here for all the INCORRECT guesses, this will help you get it right!

Current Sound: ??? 

Guess #1: Typing with a keyboard

Guess #2: Scratching a mouse on a mousepad

Jackpot is now at $ 300!

From Montreal’s #1 Hit Music Station – 95.9 Virgin Radio

Sound #1: Stapler! 

Sound #2: Mouse Click! 


Sound #3: Lowering Chair! 

Sound #4: Drawer Closing!