Fans Slam 'Euphoria' For Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson Sex Scene


Some One Direction fans are not happy about a scene in Sunday’s episode of Euphoria that depicted a sexual tryst between Harry Style and Louis Tomlinson.

“Disgusting and disrespectful,” one fan tweeted about the animated sequence. “I really hope they cut the scene out, this is not ok.”

Another shared on Twitter: “It was extremely disrespectful and violating and to have that in a publicly aired tv show is disgusting.”

An online petition is calling for HBO to delete or alter the scene.

On Twitter, Tomlinson said: “I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it.” (Since the scene is parody, producers did not need to get permission.)

Euphoria, based on an Israeli series and executive produced by Canada's Drake, features graphic sexuality and nudity. Episode 3, titled "Made You Look," had Zendaya’s character Rue narrating a story about how Kat (Barbie Ferreira) used to write erotic Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson fan fiction. The scene, created by animation company Titmouse, includes a celestial sex act.

For years, many 1D fans shared theories that Styles and Tomlinson were a couple, even nicknaming them "Larry Stylinson."